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Self-Ordering Omni-channel

A solution for every use case.


Reduce the need for cashiers or staff to take orders. On average, businesses using our kiosk see an 17% increase in revenue per order while saving on labor.

Table Ordering

Allow customers to place orders directly on their mobile device using NFC technology to capture orders & pay from the table. No need for servers to take orders and collect payments.

Mobile Ordering

Reduce wait times and increase prep time by offering a simple and easy way for your customers to order & pay ahead on mobile.

Web Ordering

Give your non-app guest a quick and easy way to place orders ahead using your own branded URL. Stop paying fees to 3rd parties.

Breeze’s powerful and easy to use RestaurantOS.

Breeze allows small to mid-size businesses access to the same all inclusive technology seen at Sweetgreens, HoneyGrow, McDonalds, and more. Features include Mobile Ordering, Kiosks, and Order & Pay at Table technology. The new wave of ordering is officially here.

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Upload your menu

We will build your menu categories, modifiers, and items. All you have to do is add images and product details.


Deploy as Kiosk, Mobile, & Web

Launch your branded self serve ordering experience on Kiosk and mobile. Watch your sales increase while running a smoother operation.

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Take your business to a whole new level.

Increase your digital-first sales by owning the entire experience. Goodbye to 3rd party platforms that hurt your brand & wallet.

Reduce wait times
Reduce Labor expenses
Increase order size

What clients say about us

Our clients range from coffee shops, breweries, takeout restaurants, and fast food joints. We also do custom solutions for enterprise brands.

About Us

We installed two Kiosks & launched our own branded app last month. In the first month alone, we saw an average order turn around time decrease from 9 minutes to 4 minutes per order while seeing an increased sales amount of 17%. 

Wake Coffee Roasters
Christina Rizzetta, CEO

I launched Lick at the end of 2019 using Square to capture orders. A few months later, Covid hit NYC and almost ran us out of business. I met Greg, one of the founders of Breeze at a networking event where I was venting about my failing business. He told me about Breeze and how I can automate my ordering. Needless to say, I am so happy I switched. I am now saving about $4k a month in labor and order ahead sales have grown 58%. Working on location #2 now!

Lick Ice Cream
Kelly Totten, Owner

We are a Philly-based pizza ghost kitchen. We use Breeze Kiosks in offices of tech startups around the city. When an employee places an order, the food is delivered within 15 to 20 minutes. Breeze is a great way to capture new loyal customers who otherwise may not have downloaded our mobile app. We also use Breeze for all mobile and web orders. We have looked at other POSs and did not find anything that offers everything Breeze has.

Rook Pizza
Jonathan Booker, Founder

Working on a new bagel shop location in NJ. From the start of my business planning, I wanted to design a bagel shop that was technology-driven to streamline my operations to ensure I reach profitability. I am really excited to open in March 2022 because everything Breeze offers is really making everything a breeze!

Roll Bagels
Jane Cooper, Owner

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