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Everything your shop needs for a digital transformation.


Automate your cashier to save labor and to streamline checkout by putting the power of self checkout in your customers hands.


All card numbers are encrypted at rest with AES-256. All phone numbers and customer details are secure and private.


See your sales numbers in real-time from anywhere in the world. We make it easy for you to track your revenue, sales tax, tips, and transaction amounts—everything you need to make smarter business decisions on the fly.

Menu Management

Customize your menu anytime. Supports advanced modifiers, unique category creation, and inventory tracking of menu items. Spend less time updating your menu and more time on maximizing orders.

Order Management

Manage all of your incoming orders from your kiosk, mobile app, and tables in a single location. Distribute orders to different stations such as kitchen, bar, and front of the house. No more relying on paper receipts.Have more than one person per station? No problem—staff can check off line items within each ticket to ensure they never miss another item again.


Guests can opt-in to SMS text updates about their order, receipts, and marketing messages.

Frequently asked questions

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Does it support receipts?

Breeze supports SMS receipts by texting a weblink to the customer after the order is completed.

Does this replace my cashiers?

Yes, we strongly suggest training your cashiers to take on new roles within your team. Our platform is designed to help business owners to save on labor by automating low level tasks while helping your team be more effective with order management.

What do I do with my old POS hardware?

If you had an iPad base system, you can reuse your own iPad as a fulfillment zone for your staff. Please make sure all of your marketing and sales data is downloaded and saved from your own system before shutting it down. Breeze is only in charge of all new orders going forward.

Can I track my tip and sales tax collections?

Yes! We make it super easy to check your tips, sales tax, CC fees, and total sales by using filters to slice and dice your data how you see fit.

Does Breeze support Android?

Unfortunately we do not support it yet. But good news! Its on our roadmap and our team is working on Android support. You can follow our progress here: www.breezeroadmap.com

Pricing built for every solution

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2.7% + 10¢ per successful card transaction
Hardware not included*

Custom menus
SMS alerts
Digital receipts
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Order & Pay at Table

2.9% + 30¢ per successful card transaction
Includes all hardware*

Unlimited Tables
No need for wait staff
Get paid right away
Custom menus
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Mobile Apps

2.9% + 30¢ per successful card transaction

Branded iOS & Android
Reorder history
In-app marketing
Accept all credit cards
Mobile order analytics
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