The Future of Cafes & Takeout Food Joints

February 12, 2021
The Future of Cafes & Takeout Food Joints

Customers want to return to in-person dining and shopping, and they want a unique experience they will not get anywhere else. 

By making the in-store experience stand out by allowing customers to order ahead, and self-checkout, retailers are using brick-and-mortar locations to build their brands and deepen customer loyalty.

To pull this off, store owners need to hire the right staff. As retailers work through new challenges — from supply chain issues to learning new skills — a strong team will help them navigate each milestone. One way business owners are investing in this work is through their tech stack. A strong majority of store owners surveyed use or plan to use automated tools so staff members can spend less time on hands-on tasks like order tracking and managing customer experiences. We found that over 72% of retailers use or plan to use automation to decrease staff members’ hands-on time in 2022. 

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We are a Philly-based Pizza ghost kitchen. We use Breeze Kiosks in offices of tech startups around the city. When an employee places an order, the food is delivered within 15 to 20 minutes. Breeze is a great way to capture new loyal customers who otherwise may not have downloaded our mobile app. We also use Breeze for all mobile and web orders. We have looked at other POSs and did not find anything that offers everything Breeze has.

Rook Pizza
Christina Rizzetta, CEO