The future of shopping

February 12, 2021
The future of shopping

The future of shopping lies in the power of omnichannel retailing. One customer might seek out same-day curbside pickup for a jacket they researched online. But they’ll also remember that lovely bottle of wine they saw in store as part of a new subscription service. And with the rise of multi-hyphenate businesses, both experiences could happen in the same store.

In 2022, shopping will be personal, thoughtful, seamless, and innovative:

  • Customers expect to purchase what they want both when and how they want it, but they also trust retailers to curate the right products and experiences for their tastes.
  • Retailers are taking risks with new business models and technologies to become more efficient and accessible, so it’s easier to engage shoppers everywhere they expect to find their products.
  • The right set of omnichannel tools is key for meeting new customer demands and enhancing the retail experience through personalization.

By trying out new ways of doing business and streamlining each step, retailers are staying ahead of the curve.

How will the future of online shopping change?

The future of retail isn’t moving all online — it’s moving everywhere your customers are.

Selling online is now table stakes, and it requires an omnichannel solution that can tie each touchpoint together — for shoppers on the front end and business owners on the back end. Using integrated tools, successful online retailers are syncing their inventory, tracking orders, offering loyalty programs, and selling on social media.

With everything in one place, creating that connected, personalized experience across channels makes online shopping a complement to the in-person shopping trip.

From social media selling to chatbots to text message checkout links, retailers are connecting with customers everywhere they want to shop, using technology to automate operations, opening up more time to invest in marketing, design, staffing, and new business ideas. For today’s retailers, connecting with customers at each touchpoint is leading to higher sales and the flexibility to adjust and grow.

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We are a Philly-based Pizza ghost kitchen. We use Breeze Kiosks in offices of tech startups around the city. When an employee places an order, the food is delivered within 15 to 20 minutes. Breeze is a great way to capture new loyal customers who otherwise may not have downloaded our mobile app. We also use Breeze for all mobile and web orders. We have looked at other POSs and did not find anything that offers everything Breeze has.

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